PLR stands for “private label rights.” You might also hear it referred to as “white label content” brandable content, licensed content, or done-for-you content.

When you purchase plr you are buying the non-exclusive right to use the materials, you can think of plr content as the stock photos of the written word.

All plr content comes with a licensing agreement which can vary from site to site or item to item.  The licensing agreement will specify what you can and can’t do with the material.

Our content is sold to you with a Private Label License.

This means you CAN:

  • you CAN rewrite, tweak, edit, add or remove content to suite your own voice and target audience.
  • you CAN claim to be the author of the articles and brand all elements as your own.
  • you CAN freely publish the content on your website, in your emails, newsletters, podcasts & videos.
  • You CAN bundle the content for sale or offer it in a membership site.
  • You CANpublish what you receive from us anywhere that allows White Label content.
  • You CAN give the NON EDITABLE content to your customers but it must be for their personal use only

The most important thing to understand about a Private Label License is that it does not give you “resell” rights. That means that you can sell or give this content to your customers, but it must be for their own personal use. You cannot sell or give away this content for use as plr by anyone else. YOU have purchased the right to use this content as your own, but you cannot pass this right along to others, not even if you have edited the content.

This means you CANNOT:

  • you CANNOT pass along any Regifting, Reselling or Private Label rights to others.
  • you CANNOT edit or flip to sell this content as plr ANYWHERE (such as on Fiverr, eBay, Warrior Forum, JVZoo your own website or anywhere else.)
  • you CANNOT sell the graphics.
  • you CANNOT submit to article directories.
  • you CANNOT sell as Kindle book. (It’s against their terms.)
  • you CANNOT pass any editable files on to others. (For example the editable Word docs, PhotoShop files, or other editable source files are for your use only.)

If you require content to sell as plr there are other forms of licensing agreement you can purchase known as “resell rights” and “master resell rights.” Limited Edition plr doe not currently offer any content with these forms of license

We all have different interests, skills and abilities, and we all have time pressures that stop us from being able to do it all. Like using stock photos, using plr content allows you to focus on using your strengths and growing your business by using “made for you” content to speed things along.

The great thing about plr is that it is yours to use any way you wish: as is, or with as much editing and personalization as you’d like without having to start from scratch.

Plr content is just another tool to help you get where you’re going, and to keep your focus and energy on the parts of your business only you can achieve.

Passion. We create content because we love to learn, create and share knowledge and resources. Think of it like this: Some people love to cook. Others of us cook only because we want to eat. Lots of the content for sale out there was created just so there would be something to stock the plr shelves with, and it shows. At Limited Edition plr our content is what drives us. We don’t create content to fill our plr shelves, we created plr shelves to have someplace to share the content we love to create.

Quality. We offer you only premium quality content. If we aren’t proud to put our name on it, we won’t sell it to you. Our select team of content creators are university educated native English speakers, and everything they produce is thoroughly researched, skillfully written and carefully edited. Making great content is what makes us happy!

A Fresh Voice. We may be the new kid on the block, but in this case that’s a great thing! You are guaranteed that our content is current and up to date, and the chance that it has already been purchased and used by others in your niche ismuch less than with other plr sites. This is a huge advantage and will help drive your success wherever you use plr in your business.

We are new and committed to quality over quantity. The great news is that everything you purchase here at Limited Edition plr is current and meets our high standards, but this takes time.  Please check back often as we will be adding new material as frequently as we can. You can also message us if there is a content area of particular interest to you. We take requests!

There is plenty of cheap plr available out there. Much of it is outdated, of poor quality, and has already been sold and resold many thousands of times. Here at Limited Edition plr all of our content is of only the highest, most up to date quality.

Please feel free to message us as we are developing new materials all the time and are open to requests and suggestions. In the meantime, we have partnered with a select group of other plr sites in order to offer you the widest possible variety of materials to meet your plr needs. Feel free to explore any of these partner sites, which are found at the bottom of our webpage under “Links.”

Please do! We are developing new materials all the time and are open to requests and suggestions. Drop us a line any time using our Contact form and we’ll be glad to see what we can do.

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Absolutely! Simply sign up for our new release notification emails. (Sign up available on our Contact page.)

Once payment has been processed your purchase will be available for immediate download. 

Unfortunately not. We do our best to provide customers with detailed previewing information, but due to the nature of our products and delivery system refunds are not possible. If you are disappointed with anything you’ve purchased please message us. Although a refund is not possible we take any concerns about our products very seriously and would love the opportunity to speak to you about your experience.

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